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Our philosophy is based on the simplicity of our designs, enriched with unique details like matching coloured lace ruffles, or cotton ribbons in different colours and textures. We ensure a perfect finish on our garments, paying special attention to the final product complying with the high quality that we aim for in each new season. For this, the garments are under constant analysis during the whole handling process. In addition, the study of the pigments and their multiple combinations form an essential part of the development of each collection, which makes each garment a unique and unrepeatable product.


The design is carried out by Mercè Estrader from Barcelona, absorbing the wide range of colours that the city offers and looking for the best fabrics, which are 100% natural in most cases. She also obtains a large part of her inspiration from the Galician landscapes, of which she holds great memories from her time spent in that magical land.

The next part of the process is carried out in Galicia, from the first prototype to production, handcrafted to offer our customers an exclusive and high quality product. Following manufacture, the designs that require the garment to be dyed, are sent back to the Barcelona dyeing factory, where a specific pigment mixture is developed to achieve the unique shades of colour that characterise “Cazandomariposas” Each garment has to cover a lot of ground before achieving the optimal final finish that is delivered to our different points of sale distributed throughout Spain.


Every year we present two collections: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. In turn, each season has a event line and a casual line. Also, in the Spring/Summer collection, we have a 100% cotton swimwear line, dyed on the article, which to date is considered the symbol of our brand. We also make re-runs of both collections to supply the needs that arise from our customers after the initial sale.


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